DECO Investments Group Inc.

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DECO Investments Group Inc.

Message from the Founder and CEO of DECO Investments Corp.

 Because we use dozens of different strategies to buy homes, we’ve been able to help 100s of Texas homeowners, just like you, sell their house fast at a fair price, no matter the condition or circumstances without coming out of pocket for fees or commissions.  Let us help you out of your burden so you can start new a life and pursue you future endeavors. --Denise Iheka

What is our “WHY”?

 Our goal is to help rebuild historic and challenged neighborhoods and communities. To provide better housing and living conditions throughout the Houston area and eventually the entire Texas Region. Our goal is also to use our profits to help low-income families by providing free basic computer, office, and interviewing skills to obtain better jobs to create a better way of life. Our purpose is to build and grow our company while helping others reach their full potential in life. 

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