Our story…

Our Beginnings

Urban CEO™ was founded January 1st 2019 by Taurea Vision Avant. After so many years of struggling as a business owner, Taurea was able to find success in 2009 and became determined to help other men and women learn about ways to make income and build a stable financial foundation within their homes. After deciding to start her coaching business in 2014, Taurea learned there were many challenges that were keeping people from ultimate success within their business. Many of these people could relate to Taurea because of where they came from. Taurea has always had a connection to the URBAN community. From the music to fashion to even communication, Taurea always had kept her connection. She was brought up in a time where in order to make it from the Urban community, you must learn how to talk, walk and act a certain way. The only challenge is that she didn’t see anyone coming back to the community to teach these things. That is where URBAN CEO™ was birthed. With the formation of URBAN CEO™ a 501(c)3 organization, we will help millions of men and women with a connection to the Urban community grow businesses designed to build stable foundations within the home! 

Our Vision

We want to inform, empower and educate men and women business owners who have a connection with the URBAN community. We will do this in a number of ways from providing funding to education designed to launch, grow and expand new businesses and current businesses. 

Currently The Urban CEO Network includes our Quarterly Urban CEO Summits that travel all over the country, our yearly Urban CEO Conference where we recognize our CEOs with awards and celebration. At our summits & conference, we also have VIP guests that are doing incredible things in business and the community. 

Urban CEO Academy

There will be MONTHLY training videos and more! These will only be exclusive to the academy and not posted anywhere but within the Academy. 
Some of the things you can expect to learn include
  • “CodeSwitiching”: Talking WHITE vs. Talking RIGHT
  • Business Basics…Taking the Guesswork out of Business
  • Collaboration- Networking to Prosper (Cross Pollination)
  • Dominating the 7 Mountains of Culture for the Urban CEO
  • Multiple Streams of Income Within Your Current Business Model (scaling)
  • Becoming a Better URBAN CEO- Teach on the basics of community involvement
  • How to Properly Serve your Tribe
  • How to Become An Inventor
  • and more!

Also as an URBAN CEO Academy Member, you get Discounts for the following type of events

  • Urban CEO Conference.
  • URBAN CEO “Shark Tank” Pitch Contest THE NEXT BIG THING Inventors Forum $25,000 Grand Prize (Entry Fee Required)
  • URBAN CEO Women’s Weekend and Spiritual Retreat with Taurea Avant and Friends – Overcoming Fear, Depression, and Anxiety for the URBAN CEO
  • URBAN CEO Men’s Forum- Mobilizing Teen Boys to Become Tomorrow’s Men
  • URBAN CEO Book Club- Buy a Book/Post a book
  • Invite to be a speaker for URBANTalks- Similar to TedTalks

Our Executive Team

President & Founder
Taurea Vision Avant

Taurea is the graduate of the historic HBCU Hampton University. Author of more than 15+ books the latest is “A Six Figure Vision”. She is also the founder of Show Your Success and System Mastery University where she shows entrepreneurs primarily how to write a book to grow their business and build at least 3 streams of income. Her mission is to impact the lives of 10,000,000 Men & Women in Mind, Body and Soul 

Vice President
Kandie Martin

Kandie Martin is the founder of Leave It To Kandie, LLC and Kandie Promotions. An enthusiastic speaker and talent manager, known for her never give up attitude. She has been nominated Atl’s Hottest Talent Manager. She has also a co-author of the book “Wake Up Winning”.  

Board Secretary
Pixie Lee

Coming Soon!

Cowano Stanley

CoWano Stanley is from Minneapolis, MN. She started her own cleaning business in 2018 & other entrepreneurial businesses. She has self-published 2 books & apart of 2 collaboration books. As a business owner, CoWano has found that many people are interested in learning how to start their own cleaning business. So, she has created courses teaching that. So, CoWano’s mission is to help 100 people by the end of 2020 to start their own cleaning service. 

Director of Sponsorship
Cheyara Collier

Cheyara Collier is from Clarksville, Tennessee. She started her own business Southern Belle Logistics that offers truck dispatching and recruitment services across several industries in 2019. She will be releasing two books in March 2020. After receiving so much interest in learning about the trucking industry the first book release will be about starting your own trucking business. Courses in business certification, trucking industry, and corporate sponsorship are to come.

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