We need your VOTE! Urban CEO is looking for who will be added to our 2021/2022 Whos Who of Urban CEOS! You can vote for yourself and vote for people that you know deserve to be recognized! Official Voting will start in JULY!!! 
The Categories Are…
Top C-SHE-O – This is your favorite Woman CEO who is making an impact in the community
Top C-HE-O – This is your favorite Man CEO who is making an impact in the community
Inspirational CEO – This is a CEO that inspires you because of their journey. They have pushed through their challenges
Community Impact Leader – This is a CEO who is doing things within the community in the space of philanthropy
CEO Influencer – This is a CEO that not only runs a business but uses their influence to help inspire others
CEO on the Rise – This is a CEO that is one to watch. They are growing in their space in a major way and you now that they will impact the masses
Talented CEO – This is a CEO that is using their God given talents in the world and leveraging it for business. This is anyone in the space of artistic talents to technical talents. Musicians, Dancers, Graphic Artists, Programmers, Etc.
Young Achiever CEO – This is young CEO under the age of 25 who is impact the world of entrepreneurship and running a business

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